CISO and Developer Trends in Software Supply Chain Security
  • 72% of developers say they are very security-conscious in their roles while only 50% of CISOs rate developers as very security-conscious.
  • Over 3 in 5 of CISOs and developers agree that communication and collaboration between their teams is a problem when it comes to software security.
  • 82% of developers agree that software supply chain security practices shouldn’t make it more difficult for them to get their work done.

To help you better understand the trends among two of the most important teams responsible for software supply chain security, Chainguard worked with The Harris Poll to analyze the key challenges and opportunities CISOs and developers encounter while trying to prioritize software supply chain security within their organizations.

Implement safe software supply chain security practices with Chainguard

While developers and CISOs may have some disagreements about how to best implement software supply chain security solutions, one thing is for certain: they both acknowledge how important it is to have seamless solutions that allow their teams to build software safely. That’s where Chainguard comes in.

With Chainguard Images, we give you the tools to succeed, with cryptographic signatures, fine-grained policies, continuous verification, code provenance, and SBOMs to stop supply chain attacks and ensure compliance. These images receive rapid updates that allow you to build, run, and ship secure software quickly.

We focus on eliminating CVEs daily, which lets you focus on building products- not chasing scanner false positives. CISOs get peace of mind through visibility and a trusted software stack, and developers get time back to do what they do best–build.


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